On February 26, 1977, Ann Huling Mathews and Cindie Davis created the idea of a professional agricultural sorority.  They received great support and enthusiasm from Dean Darrow at the Ohio State University.  The first official meeting of Sigma Alpha was held at Harrison House on November 16, 1977.  They decided on the name Sigma Alpha and that it would represent Sisters in Agriculture.

Amy Mathews, Jennifer McMillan and Cindie Davis got together on Sunday, January 1, 1978, to write the constitution.  It was decided that Ann Mathews, Marilyn Burns, Jennifer McMillan, Amy Mathew and Cindie Davis were to be the five foundering members of Sigma Alpha. Ever since it's inception, the idea of Sigma Alpha has spread across the nation. Today, Sigma Alpha has grown to over 50 chapters all over the country! The newest chapter was founded at the University of Rhode Island in 2009.

2012 marked the 22nd anniversary of Sigma Alpha at the University of Tennessee! Founded on October 7, 1990, the Theta chapter became the eighth chapter of Sigma Alpha sorority in the nation.

Founder's Day 2012

Sigma Alpha Theta Founder's Day (Sunday, October 7, 2012)


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