Clash of the Tennesseans! Homecoming 2011
November 07, 2011

Posted by Marsha Bartholomay

With a resounding victory over MTSU by our beloved Tennessee Volunteers, we can rest easy now that Homecoming 2011 is over. It has certainly been a busy week for the ladies of Sigma Alpha and our brothers over at Farmhouse fraternity.

Our homecoming festivities actually began two weeks ago when we began painting our small banner for homecoming competitions. We hung it up on the stadium last Sunday, and it looks great. Also last Sunday, we participated in the Anything Goes competition. There were five events for Anything Goes: Tug-of-war, Jousting, Human Pyramid, Can Castle, and the Relay Race/Obstacle Course. We may not have won this competition, but our very own Sam Woodruff kicked butt and won the jousting event. On Tuesday some of our Farmhouse brothers competed in the basketball tournament and did fairly well. Wednesday night seven Sigma Alpha sisters and seven Farmhouse brothers competed in the Smokey’s Howl competition. They had been practicing their routine for two weeks, and it was great. During the week, we painted the windows of the BP gas station on the Strip and worked diligently building, pomping, and gluing our float. Thursday night proved to be a great chance for us to bond with Farmhouse as we worked well past the wee hours of the morning and into early afternoon. But it was worth it because our float looked great!

On Saturday a big group of us went to the Homecoming game to cheer our Volunteers to victory, and to see how we placed in the competitions. During halftime the winners of each category were announced along with the overall winners. We did pretty well. We got first place with our small banner, second place in small float, third with our window, and third place overall!

Now we are in the final stretches of the semester with about a month to go. But we still have lots of exciting Sigma Alpha events coming up.

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