Rush Week Festivities!
February 06, 2012

Posted by Marsha Bartholomay

The Theta Chapter of Sigma Alpha has not let any grass grow under their feet since planning out the spring 2012 semester at retreat! Immediately following retreat, Sigma Alpha Rush Information Week took place. During this time there was a booth set up on campus for ladies interested in Sigma Alpha to ask questions and talk to the active sisters. This semester was nothing short of a success as our girls pulled in twenty-five girls who showed an interest in rushing in the spring semester!

Following Information Week, we hosted the interested ladies for Rush Week. During Rush Week many activities took place, allowing the new girls to get to know the current members of the Theta Chapter of Sigma Alpha.

On the first night of Rush, the group played “Minute to Win It” games and ate junk food. In one of the games our very own, Brittany Mitchell showed that she was in fact the “Cookie Queen”, defending her title as champion of “Face the Cookie!” Check out the video at the bottom of the page to see her in action. This night was undoubtedly a good time that allowed everyone to open up and set the tone for the rest of the week!

Tuesday night the ladies met up for the highly anticipated “Dinner with the Sisters.” This year we had groups that went to Chili’s, Texas Roadhouse, Olive Garden, and Agave Azul. The atmosphere for this event was great, allowing the sorority to break into smaller groups and get to know the new ladies even better.

Everyone got together on Wednesday night for a fun game of laser tag! There were plenty of ladies participating in the game, but the highlights of the night had to be the excitement of the results of the game. Our overall winner was Samantha Woodruff. Despite the outcome of the game, there was a good time had by all.

Thursday night, we all went ice skating together, which was a cold but fabulous time!

The final night of Rush Week was the always popular “Amazing Race: Sigma Alpha Style.” During this event the ladies were given tasks such as finding a Tennessee quarter or hugging a guy in Farmhouse Fraternity. The night was a great end to an exciting rush week!

Overall Rush Week was a success thanks to all of the lovely ladies who showed interest and to all of the Sigma Alpha sisters who participated in the events!

Thank you to Kaysie Jennings for providing this new post.

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