The Blues Brothers (and Sisters) come to Knoxville!
March 06, 2012

Posted by Marsha Bartholomay

Recently the members of the Theta chapter of Sigma Alpha had an awesome opportunity to showcase our creative side as we participated in All-Sing with our brother fraternity, Alpha Gamma Rho. All-Sing is an event put on by the ACE (All Campus Events) committee at the University of Tennessee every spring. A theme is chosen and each group presents their interpretation of that theme in a choir-like setting. The overall theme this year was “ACE, ACE Baby: All-Sing Through the Decades,” because this is the University of Tennessee’s eightieth anniversary of holding All-Sing. Going along with this, our group decided to use music from The Blues Brothers movie, including songs such as “Jailhouse Rock,” “Soul Man,” and “Respect.”

In All-Sing, everything is built from the ground up. We had to select music, design costumes and lighting, decide on stage placement, and even write choreography for our performance. We had less than one month to get all of these aspects together. With nine boys and twelve girls participating, we really had our hands full! We held practices twice each week leading up to All-Sing and every night the week of the performance. Although it was a lot of hard work, spending so much time together was a great way for us to meet the members of Alpha Gamma Rho.

The night of the performance we were able to watch some of the other groups before it was our turn. They were fun to watch, but it also made us very nervous! I am pleased to say that night we had our best performance yet. The crowd loved our show and we had so much fun displaying it for them. At the awards ceremony, our efforts were rewarded with a large first place trophy for our division! I couldn’t be prouder of the group of ladies and gentlemen that I was so privileged to work with and hope that we can make All-Sing a standing tradition for our sorority.

Thank you to Sarah Howard for providing this news post.

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