You're the App for That! AGREALS 2012
February 27, 2012

Posted by Marsha Bartholomay

I am so excited that I was able to attend the AGR-SA Leadership Conference this year in Atlanta, GA.
When a group of us decided that we would be attending the conference the entire sorority put in an effort to make our goal of going to Atlanta a success. The sorority held a bake sale for 3 days to help raise money for the event.

We left way too early in the morning on our epic adventure down to Atlanta, so we could make it to the conference in time! After stopping for breakfast at Cracker Barrel, we finally made it to the conference just in time for it to start.

The first event was the Welcome session. This year’s theme was “You’re the App for That”. Social media was a big deal, and really got us more involved in our own chapter’s competition for the Webby Award (which I plan on winning). After a get-to-know-you game or two and some fun mingling with some of the Alpha Gamma Rho brothers and other chapters of Sigma Alpha we went to the breakout sessions.

My first session was “Knowing Yourself”. This focused on us, and how our personalities worked on a social level as a leader and a member of the groups we belonged in. I thought I knew myself pretty well, and when I was told that I am an expressive leader, I knew that it was right on the dot. This session also focused on how to interact with people of other personalities.

Then we went to another breakout session, this time I went to the session “Career Mapping”. This helped me put into perspective what I want to do when I graduate. This made me consider everything I have to finish in order to go to graduate school next year.

As the group came back together we had a Risk Management session and discussed as Sigma Alpha and Alpha Gamma Rho members how to handle situations on alcohol, hazing, and other problems that we could encounter in the Greek system. Following the risk management seminar, we had a great dinner provided to us by the Holiday Inn. And listened to a presentation by Monsanto.

We started day 2 of the Leadership Conference with breakfast. During breakfast they gave us a chance to mingle with other people not associated with our own chapter. The facilitators would ask us questions and we would explain our chapter’s best practices to the others at our table.

Than we broke into sessions again like we had the day prior. First, I went to “Failing & Adapting”. In this, we realized that we will have obstacles we need to overcome before we finally reach our final goal and it’s okay because “failure is mandatory in finding success”. It was great to learn that the obstacles in life are mandatory and something to learn from and not get stuck on.

After this I attended the “Branding and Selling Yourself” workshop, this one was fun because we learned about how major cooperation’s brand themselves and try to make a known brand to sell, and how we can do that with ourselves as we try and go into the world to pursue jobs.

Our very own Erica Jenkins was Master of Ceremonies for the Luncheon and we watched as she did a great job introducing the speakers. At this lunch she introduced Maria Navarro a International Agriculturalist, who was given the Agriculture Advocate Award. She was a great speaker and spoke on doing exactly what I want to do with my career. Following lunch we had a session on “Flex Communication and Media Relations” where we focused on how to deal with media when they ask tough questions.

Then we had the Sigma Alpha session and closing ceremonies. This gave us a great closing to the end of the weekend where we learned a lot, made many professional connections, and had tons of fun.

Thank you to Laura Roddy for providing this news post.

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